Bird, V. 160 Pág. Rústica. 25×20. 24 Classic cruises mapped and explored.

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There are very many sailors who have put their dreams to the test and sailed to an exotic destination, but if you are one of the ones who never get past the dreaming stage, this book shows you that these kinds of trips really are possible. 24 amazing cruises are explored to show you how to turn your dreams into reality. For each cruise, the book explains: The best route to take.  How long you will need. What sort of equipment and skills are advisable. The best time of year to do it.  It also covers any possible dangers such as tides and tricky weather conditions so that you have all the information you need to chosse which cruise is for you. With detailed maps showing the route from start to finish, and with suggestions for further reading for each cruise, this book is just a s comprehensive as it is inspiring.