Asmussen, J. & Leon, E. 192 Pág. Cartoné. 20×26. Volume one 1939-1941.

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German naval camouflage is the most comprehensive and autthoritative book ever published on the colour schemes of the Kriegsmarine. Features of this volume, devoted to 1939-1941, include: More than 100 plates, each depicting in full colour the camouflage and paint schemes of individual ships from battleships to destroyers. Each subject is shown in great detail, wherever possible wich port, starboard and plan views, and occasionally even close-ups. These illustrations are precisely dated -sometimes to the day – with the appropriate modifications accurately and minutely depicted. The bbok also covers the development of air recognition markings from their origins in the First World War, and the peacetime regalia of heraldic crests, turret names and battle-honour boards.