Beken, K. 207 Pág. Cartoné. 28×40.

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The sea, sailing, photography. Three elements, as irresistible combination. The history of sailing photography, since its earliest beginnings, as been linked to the Beken family. Alfred Edward Beken and his son Frank started taking photos of yachts in 1888, when they moved to Cowes on the Isle of  White, renownwed even then for racing. They developed a refined technique that, in just a few years, would make them renowned in the sailing world. More than  a century later the Beken archive, a truly unique collection, consist of more than 200.000 photographs of incalculable value, from precious, historical black and white plates to high-quality and technically perfect contemporany digital photos. Trough an amazing selection of historic images from the Beken collection, ranging from the late 19th century to the 1930s, this volume brings together some the most intense and beautiful portraits of vintage yachts ever to have sailed in the Solent. From the powerful nad majestic yachts that competed in the America’s Cup, the elegant J Class, to the boats that participated in the early transoceanic races, to the boats that have influenced boating design such as Mariquita, Moonbean IV, Lulworth, Altair, boats that have erched themselves into the history of yachting.