Kopanycia, R. 146 Pág. Rústica. 25×17. A step-by-step manual.

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Lofting is the essential stage in the transition between designing and building a boat; this highly practical manual shows exactly how to loft aboat of any size. With clear explanations and hundreds of step-by-step drawings, it progresses from first principles through to the full range of techniques, guiding you through each stage and bringing your projecto to life. Starting at the very beginning with a blank loft floor, it covers: The range of core skills and techniques used in lofting, setting out the lofting grid, the lofting process itself, ending with the full-size reprodution of the boat’s lines, the techniques used to transform a full-size lines drawing into a construction drawing, taking templates and mould stations off the loft floor, more involved aspects of lofting.