Captain Meurn, R. J. 500 Pág. Cartoné. 23×16. A guide to Stowage.

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The safe and economical carriage of goods continues as an ongoing mission of the shipping industry. This fourth edition has a twofold purpose. It aims to help the shipping industry fulfil its mission by presenting formally and systematically the basic principles and techniques of cargo operations, and it seeks to acquaint mercha
nt officers present and future with the principles of stowage and their implications as they apply to the responsabilities of a carrier. The method of presentation grew out of experience within the classroom, which is believed to be an excellent testing ground for the methodology used in the presentation of any idea or group of ideas. The discussions are slanted toward the individuals who make up the shipping «team» and whose work is one of the most important factors in accomplishing the shipping industry’s mission. The «team» includes the operations manager, the terminal superintendent, the marine superintendent, the stevedore, the ship’s m
aster, and their staffs.