This chart set contains:

  • 4 Passage Charts
  • 12 Coastal Charts
  • 19Details Charts
  • Code for the app
  • Digital charts & navigation programme
  • Paper harbour plans & Digital
  • Navigation instructions in English and Italian
  • Meets legal requirements for up-to-date paper charts on board

Hay existencias


The Sardinian west coast should not be visited without the IT4. The set of charts starts below the town of Costa Paradiso, which bears the same name as the coast. The Gulf of Asinara begins with the wonderful harbour of Porto di Castelsardo. It is only a few nautical miles to the magical Stintino on a westerly course. If you want to circumnavigate the former penal colony Isola Asinara, you can simply shorten it with the passagio dei Fornelli. You should also set a course for the beautiful Sinis peninsula. There are hardly any harbours or bays along the way, especially since the waves and the underwater cliffs make approaching difficult. At Cap San Marco in the Golfo di Orsitano you can find shelter from the west wind. The next destinations are the two charming offshore islands Isola di San Pietro and Isola di Sant’Antioco. Even in the off-season, a trip is very possible due to the pleasant climate of Sardinia.

Thanks to the clear structure the skipper can quickly find approaches, harbours and anchorages and is informed of important navigational details that also appear in the NV Charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimal scales and balanced sheet cuts.

Containing maps and scales


C 0 Mallorca to Sicily 1: 1750.000 C 1 Sardinia 1: 650.000 C 2 Sardinia North 1: 350.000 C 3 Sardinia Southwest 1: 350.000 C22 Mediterranean Sea 1: 6.000.000

Area charts

C 4 Golfo dell Asinara 1: 150.000 C 5 Capo dell Argentiera to Capo Mannu 1: 150.000 C 6 Capo Mannu to Pta.Nai – Oristano 1: 150.000 C 7 Pta.Nai to Capo Spartivento 1: 150.000 C 8 Capo Spartivento to Capo Ferrato 1: 150.000 C 9 Golfo dell Asinara – Porto Torres 1: 60.000 C10 Golfo di Oristano 1: 75.000 C11 Canale di San Pietro 1: 60.000 C12 Golfo di Palmas to Capo Teulada 1: 60.000 C13 Capo Teulada to Capo Spartivento 1: 60.000 C14 Golfo di Cagliari 1: 60.000 C15 A Isola Asinari 1: 60.000


C15B Passaggio dei Fornelli 1: 25.000 C15C Stintino 1: 10000 C16A Isola Rossa 1: 6000 C16B Castelsardo 1: 12000 C16C Porto Torres 1: 25000 C16D Fertilia 1: 6000 C16E Alghero 1: 12000 C16F Bosa Marina 1: 12.000 C17 Rada di Alghero 1: 30.000 C18A Oristano 1: 25.000 C18B Portovesme 1: 12.000 C18C Carloforte 1: 12.000 C19 Canale di San Pietro 1: 30.000 C20A San Antioco 1: 12.000 C20B Calasetta 1: 12.000 C20C Perdee Sali 1: 6.000 C20D Marina di Teulada 1: 12.000 C20E Capo Malfatano 1: 12.000 C21 Cagliari 1: 20.000 Legend General Notes p.23