Sauder, E. 160 Pág. Cartoné. 25×25. The ship in rare illustrations.

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Lost to a German torpedo on 7 May 1915, Cunard’s RMS Lusitania captured the world’s imagination when she entered service in 1907. Not only was she was the largest ship in the world, but she was also revolutionary in design as well as being a record breaker. Lusitania is now sadly remenbered for her tragic destruction, sinking in eighteen minutes with the loss of around 1200 souls. Through never-before-seen material, historian Eric Sauder brings RMS Lusitania to life oce again. Filled with vivid, unseen photograps and illustrations from Eric’s extensive private collection, this absorbing read will transport the reader back 100 years to a time when opulent Ships of State were the only way to cross the Atlantic.