Ramzan, D.C. 192 Pág. Rústica. 24×17.

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Greenwich, the nautical centre of the world was also once part of the area of Southbank in London, which was the centre of Brtitish shipbuilding, the autor looks at the development of Greenwich and Deptford, discussing their extensive shipbuilding past through the history of three ships, from their planning through to their final voyages. Although less well-known, these three ships have a remarkable history involving sea battles, journeys of discovery and recod breaking voyages. They were hte East Indiaman Princess Louisa, the iron clipper Hallowe’en, and the Royal Naval frigate Dolphin. Profusely illustrated, the book tells the story of three ships, similar to so many, and tells of their design, construction and use and gives an insight into London’s maritime histoy.