Ballantyne, I. & Eastland, J. 240 Pág. Rústica. 24×17. From fighting the Armada to Trafalgar and beyond.

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There is no more illustions warship name in British naval history than HMS Victory, which is inextricably linked with Admiral Lord Nelson and the Batle of Trafalgar. In 1805 the most famous Victory was the scene of Nelson’s greatest triumph and also his death. She is todad preserved at Portsmouth as the oldest commissioned warship in the world. Less well known is that six previous warships also carried the name. The first Victory was Sir John Hawkins’ flagship during the Batle of the Armada in 1588 while the loss of the sixth in 1744 was considered a national tragedy. All manner of maritime life therefore in included in this book, from piracy in the Azores to gentlemanly encounters between fleets and the battle of annihilation that was Trafalgar.