Gardiner, R. 167 Pág. Cartoné. 32×30. Design, development and deployment.

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Between 1793 and 1815 two decades of unrelenting naval warfare raised the sailing man of war the zenith of its effectiveness as a weapon of war. Every significant seapower was involved in this conflict, and at some point virtually all of then were arrayed against Great Britain. A large number of enemy warxhips were captured in battle, making them of interest to British artits, engraves and printmakers, while the Admiralty ordered accurate draughts to be made of many of these prizes. Consequently, for this era the ships of all navies, not just British, can be illustrated by an unprecedented variety of paintings, drawings, models or plans. This book reproduces many of the best (and least familiar) images of the ships, chosen for their accuracy, detail and sheer visual power in an extra-large format that does full justice to the images themselves.