Smith, P. C. 164 Pág. Cartoné. 28×22. Famous preserved ships around the U.K.

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During the period from Sir Francis Drake to the 21st century, the naval power of Great Britain rose from that of an obscure island to that of a world-wide empire. British shipping and seamen dominated the globe for four centuries and the ships that explored the world and those which guarded them represent a unique treasure-house of maritime history, unrivalled anywhere in the world. This book lists all the majors vessels; from the Museum ships to the exhibitions and relicas all of them evoke pride and diversity and invite study from all age-groups. All are fully illustrated wich colour photographs. Among the many vessels analysed and illustrated are: HMS VICTORY, HMS WARRIOR, HMS CAVALIER, HMSBELFAST, HMS TRICOMALEE, CUTTY SARK, DISCOVERY, GIPSY MOTH, ……..