Igor Pérez Tostado Declan M. Downey

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More than thirty authors offer new illuminating insights into Irish émigrés and those of Irish origin who were intricately involved in the mercantile and military nexus between Ireland and Spain and her dominions worldwide. They bring to the fore previously neglected subjects such as female agency in trade, culture and religion; Irish participation in technology, science, engineering, astronomy, and even astrology. Special attention is given to the new historiography of the Spanish Armada of 1588 that is emerging out of the recent subaquatic excavations combined with new evidence from archival sources.This latest volume in the series dedicated to the connections between Ireland with the Iberian Atlantic in the early modern period is a timely reminder of how all European nations were constructed out of migration, exile and interdependence on a global scale.

IGOR PÉREZ TOSTADO is senior lecturer of early modern history at the Pablo de Olavide in Seville. His work focuses on the History of Irish-Spanish relations, the History of Exiles
in the Early Modern World and the History of Extreme Violence in a Global Perspective. He has published articles, chapters and edited several books on the subject, including Irlanda y el Atlántico Ibérico (with Enrique García Hernán, 2010), Los exiliados del rey de España (with José Javier Ruiz Ibáñez, 2015) and A cultural history of genocide, is forthcoming.

DECLAN M. DOWNEY, lectures in Early Modern European and Japanese Diplomatic History at University College Dublin where he directs the BCL degree programme in Law with History. His research interests include Irish émigrés in Habsburg Europe (1600-1800), the History of Diplomacy and International Law, and Japanese-European Relations (1545-1639 and 1853-Present). His extensive publications and leading role in major international research projects have been recognized with international honours, distinctions and awards including the Encomienda de la Real Orden de Isabel la Católica (2008). On 4 December 2009, he became the first Irish citizen to be elected to membership of the Royal Academy of History, Madrid (fd.1733). His next book, Nobles of Irish Origin in Madrid, Brussels & Vienna (c.1570-c.1918) is forthcoming.