Taylor, B. 256 Pág. Rústica. 26×22. An illustrated biography 1916-1941

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Unmatched for elegance and unequalied for size, fortwenty years the battlecruiser Hood was the glory ship of the Royal Navy, flying the flag across the world in the twilight years of the British Empire. This book is the most comprehensive study of a modern warship ever undertaken and a seminal work in the field of twentieth-century navl history. It includes: Over 200 photographs `plus colour stills from a redicovered film. Colour plans and cutaways by Thomas Schmid, including a spectacular fold-out. Detailed deck plans. Complete operational analysis of the Hood’s gunnery and propulsion systems. Inside the Invergordon Mutiny and its aftermath. Intimate coverage of life afloat in peace and war from original sources. Day-by-day chronology. Corrected roll of honour.