Stilwell, A. 218 Pag. Cartone. 24×16.

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This is the stirring story of a fomous line of ships bearing the name Revenge. As there never was a country so bound up with the sea as England, readers will find that this book not only captures the spirit of that most British institutions, the Royal Navy but of the Nation as well. The first Revenge, with its bold sleeklin
es, was emblematic of the boldness and flair of the Elizabethan era. The last Revenge, the Polaris nuclear submarine. Between us, are the glory years of the British Empire and the Royal Navy. It is also a story rich in personalities, not only of the great commander, like Drake, Greenville and Nelson, but also midshipmen, ordinary seamen and stokers. This book vividly describes life on board the ships named Revenge often throught the personal accounts of the men who served so proudly.