This chart set includes

  • 6 oversailers
  • 12 district maps
  • 19 details
  • Digital maps included
  • new: Vector charts download
  • nv charts app and navigation software
  • Paper & digital harbour maps
  • Navigation instructions in English


The GR1 takes you over the coast of Albania to the Ionian Islands and the Peloponnese peninsula. The Albanian coast offers great potential for explorers and has diverse coastal towns. On your journey along the small, south-eastern European country, you should definitely plan a stopover in the picturesque seaside resort of Ksamil and a little further south are the ancient ruins of the famous city of Butrint, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site with the surrounding 9500 hectare national park. This set of nautical charts then leads you to the Ionian Islands, which are located in the western part of Greece in the Ionian Sea. Including the well-known islands of Corfu, Lefkas, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and a large number of smaller islands such as Paxos, Skorpios and Kalamos. The southern border of the chart set is the Peloponnese region. The peninsula in the southern part of mainland Greece receives international mention for its beautiful coastline and the hospitality of its people. The most famous cities in the region are Patras in the north, as well as Corinth in the east, Sparta in the south and Olympia in the west. The area is equally attractive for sailors and motorboat drivers, you can find additional literature for the region in our online shop under the tour guides.

Thanks to the clear structure, the skipper can quickly find approaches, harbours and anchorages and is informed of important navigational details that also appear in the NV Charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimal scales and balanced sheet cuts.

Including maps and scales

Passage Charts
C 1 Dubrovnik to Crete 1:1750000 C 2 Albania to Ionian Islands 1:950000 C 3 Shëngjin to Vlorë – Albania 1:350000 C 4 Vlorë to Lefkas – Kérkira 1:350000 C 5 Lefkas to Strofades 1:350000 C 6 Strofades to Kýthira 1:350000

Coastal Charts
C 7 Othonoí to Kérkyra 1:150000 C 8 Kérkyra to Antípaxoí 1:150000 C 9 Antípaxoí to Lefkás 1:150000 C 10 Lefkás to Kefallinía – Itháki 1:150000 C 11 Kefallinía to Zákynthos 1:150000 C 12 Kefallinía to Kólpos Pátraikos 1:150000 C 13A/B Amvrakikós Kólpos – Kólpos Pátraikos 1:150000 C 14 Korinthiakós Kólpos (Gulf of Corinth) 1:200000 C 15 Kefallinía to Zákynthos – Ák.Katákolo 1:150000 C 16 Zákynthos to Sapiéntza 1:200000 C 17 Sapiéntza to Ák.Taínaro 1:200000 C 18 Ák.Taínaro to Antikýthíra 1:200000

C 9A Prevéza – Amvrakikós Kólpos 1:20000 C 14A Ns. Alykionídes – Gulf of Corinth 1:50000 C 19A Vlorës – Albania 1:80000 C 19B Durrés – Albania – Vlorés 1:40000 C 19C Approach to Kérkyra 1:40000 C 20A Dióryga Lefkádos – Lefkás 1:20000 C 20B Nidríon & Meganísi – Lefkás 1:40000 C 21A Órmos Frikes & Kioní – Itháki 1:15000 C 21B Vathý – Kólpos Aetou – Itháki 1:30000 C 21C Vóreino Stenó Kérkyras 1:15000 C 21D Opéra Pigádia – Itháki 1:15000 C 21E Argostolíon – Kefallinía 1:20000 C 22A Stenó Ríon Bridge 1:20000 C 22B Dióryga Korínthou – Corinth Canal 1:25000 C 22C Órmos Navarínou – Pylos 1:30000 C 22D Methóni & Ns.Oinoúses – Sapiéntza 1:80000 C 23A Krissaíos Kólpos – Itéa 1:55000 C 23B Kólpos Antikýron – Antíkyra 1:55000 C 23C Mesolongíon – Kólpos Pátraikos 1:30000