This chart set contains
4 Passage Charts
9 Coastal Charts
24Details Charts
Code for the app
Digital charts & navigation programme
Paper harbour plans & Digital
Navigation instructions in English and Italian
Meets legal requirements for up-to-date paper charts on board

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Sardinia is calling! The IT3 map set introduces you to the east coast of Sardinia with the Costa Smeralda the Golfo di Orosei and the Costa del Sud with helpful tips. Caution is advised when passing through the Strait of Bonifacio as the wind and waves between Corsica and Sardinia are brisk. Plus 3 i.e. three wind forces more than outside the strait is a common rule there. The north-east is characterised by the rocky island world of the Maddalena archipelago. Around Olbia is the centre of Sardinian yacht tourism. Everywhere you look there are wonderful anchorages to linger in and there is no shortage of harbours either.
The further south you travel along the east coast the quieter it gets. The Gulf of Orosei is an Eldorada for nature lovers with wild and romantic rocky beaches shaped by the foothills of the Supramonte mountain range. The Costa del Sud shines with endless white sandy beaches and dunes up to 30m high. The Caribbean of Europe welcomes you! Wind by the way always blows in Sardinia but more moderately in the east. Instead there are plenty of shoals and rocks that demand a high level of attention.

Thanks to the clear layout the recreational skipper can quickly find approaches harbours and anchorages and is alerted to navigationally important details that also appear in the nv charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimal scales and balanced page cuts.

Containing maps and scales


C 0 Mallorca to Sicily 1: 1.750000 C 1 Sardinia 1: 650000 C 2 Sardinia North 1: 350000 C 3 Sardinia East 1: 350000

Area maps

C 4 Strait of Bonifacio 1: 150000 C 5 Porto Cervo to Capo Camino 1: 150.000 C 6 Capo Camino to Capo Bellavista 1: 150.000 C 7 Capo Bellavista to Capo Ferrato 1: 150.000 C 8 Capo Ferrato to Capo Spartivento 1: 150.000 C 9 Strait of Bonifacio South 1: 60.000 C10 Porto Cervo to Capo Figari 1: 60.000 C11 Capo Figari to Capo Coda Cavallo 1: 60.000 C20D Capo Carbonara 1: 50.000


C12 Arcipelago di La Maddalena West 1: 30.000 C13 Arcipelago di La Maddalena East 1: 30.000 C14 Golfo di Congianus 1: 30.000 C15 Golfo di Olbia 1: 30.000 C16A Capo Testa 1: 25.000 C16B Santa Teresa Gallura 1: 12.000 C16C Passo Cecca di Morto 1: 12.000 C17A Palau to La Maddalena 1: 15.000 C17B La Maddalena – Passo della Moneta 1: 15.000 C18A Cannigioni 1: 12.000 C18B Stentino dell Orso 1: 12.000 C18C Porto Cervo 1: 12.000 C18D Marinella 1: 10.000 C18E Portisco – Porto Rotondo 1: 15.000 C19A Olbia Approach 1: 25.000 C19B Olbia 1: 15.000 C19C Marina di Puntaldia 1: 6.000 C19D Porto Ottiolu 1: 6.000 C19E La Caletta 1: 6.000 C19F Cala Gonone 1: 6.000 C19G Porto Corallo 1: 6.000 C20A Arbatax 1: 25.000 C20B Villasimius 1: 6.000 C20C Porto Armando 1: 6.000